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Postpartum care and breastfeeding advice


The postpartum period includes the time after the birth of the child up to approx. 6-8 weeks afterwards. During this time, the focus should be on finding yourself in your new role. I will help you to prepare yourself optimally for this time and to support you optimally during this time.

This includes checking the newborn (weight, nutrition, skin and navel check, carrying out prophylaxis) and checking the woman who has recently given birth (process of uterine involution,  breastfeeding advice, checking birth injuries, checking scars after caesarean birth)

In the later confinement, after the gynecological check-up, the focus is also on your physical recovery, keywords pelvic floor and regression. I'm happy to help you with that too.



Hard facts/ checklist/ details:


  • Every woman who is socially insured in Austria is entitled to free help from a midwife after the birth

  • As a midwife, I can settle up to 12 postpartum appointments in the first 8 weeks directly with the health insurance companies

  • for appointments beyond this, EUR 110 per home visit plus travel costs (0.42 €/km) will be charged

  • You can find more informationhere. 

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