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What are cookies?


Cookies are tiny files that are stored on your device after each visit to a website. They contain information about your use of a service on this website. Pixel tags (also called clear GIF, web beacon or pixels) are "programming snippets", i.e. small graphics that are embedded on web pages and in e-mails so that the user's interaction with them can be understood.


Why we use cookies


EmpowHer uses cookies and other technologies to identify users who visit the site repeatedly, to improve the quality of our site and to make browsing more meaningful for the user.


How cookies work:


When you open the EmpowHer page, our web server sends a cookie to your device. This allows us to identify the device - but not the person using the device at that moment. Identification numbers in these cookies are then assigned to data from your account, e.g. B. at registration, which means we can ensure that this information actually belongs to your account. Similarly, pixel tags are used on EmpowHer and in email communications to help us identify your preferred ways of communicating with EmpowHer. Some of the tags and cookies are provided by us, others by trusted service providers we work with.

Below are some examples of the cookies and other technologies used by EmpowHer:




EmpowHer uses cookies and similar authentication technologies to determine when you are logged into EmpowHer. This allows us to show you pages that are individually tailored to your interests and to forward you to projects that you have already supported.




Cookies are also an important security factor, as they allow us to unlock security features and detect activity that violates our policies and Terms of Service.
Cookies protect your account from unauthorized access by third parties and alert both you and EmpowHer should this happen. They also allow us to terminate active sessions on your account from our side if you have already logged out or changed your password.


Some cookies help us to recognize language-specific data, for example to show you EmpowHer in your language.


features and services


EmpowHer uses functionality cookies to make certain products and services easier for users to use, such as B. the storage of user settings or the automatic filling of the user field during registration.


Performance cookies help us route traffic between different servers and give us an overview of how our website is performing so that we can offer you the best possible user experience.


analysis and research


Cookies help us analyze, improve, and research features and content on EmpowHer. For example, cookies can help us understand how the user discovers projects or what browsers or devices are used to access EmpowHer.

The standard setting of most web browsers allows the placement of cookies. However, you can change these settings to be notified about the placement of cookies. For more information about cookies and how to block them on certain browsers, visit Blocking or deleting cookies may mean that you cannot take full advantage of our services. Because "Do Not Track" is not yet a more precisely defined standard, DNT:1 signals are currently governed by the guidelines set forth in our Privacy and Cookie Policy.



If you have any additional questions or suggestions, please contact us.

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