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Pregnancy & birth - as individual as you!

People who have children are often at different points in their lives. I consider it a privilege to meet women* and couples where they need it and to be able to accompany them during this special time. There is no right or wrong when starting a family and that is exactly what I would like to promote as part of my work. I treat everyone equally, regardless of their origin, gender, sexual orientation and religion. I see it impartially how every woman* and every woman giving birth wishes to give birth and it is my job to encourage and support them in these wishes.


Advice on mother-child passports

This free one-hour consultation between the 18th and 22nd week of pregnancy is intended to give you the opportunity to make initial contact with a midwife.

Any questions can be discussed during the interview. In addition, the possibilities of childbirth preparation, tips for pregnancy and childbirth and the various possibilities of midwife care  are discussed.

The costs for this are covered by the health insurance company if you have social insurance in Austria.

Pregnancy Counseling

Pregnancy counseling is an important matter to ensure the safety of your baby. 

Counseling can help you plan your pregnancy, educate yourself about the risks and options, and provide protection against disease. If you have any questions about your baby and the birth, I will be happy to help you make the right decision.


childbirth class

It is not only important for children to start preparing for the birth. It is also important for the parents to set off a little before moving into their new life. Preparing for childbirth can avoid a lot of stress with a few exercises.


As part of an individual or group setting, I prepare you optimally for the birth. 


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