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Das ist EmpowHer

Mit EmpowHer möchte ich Frauen* einen sicheren Raum bieten, sich zu zeigen, wie sie sind – in all ihrer Verletzlichkeit. Einen Raum, in dem wir uns auf Augenhöhe begegnen und intimste Themen und Ängste ernst genommen werden. Ein Raum, der euch darin bestärkt, ihr selbst zu sein und euren ganz persönlichen Weg zu finden, um sich bestmöglich auf den Prozess des Mutterwerdens vorzubereiten.

EmpowHer is not only a place for encounters - with me as a midwife, others as like-minded people and you as the most important guide - but also a resource pool for finding your new identity. 

I am also there for you beyond the immediate period of pregnancy to provide you with the best possible support in your new role with all the challenges that the new family construct entails - no matter what ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation you belong to.

The logo symbolizes the "Is equal" sign in two different variations and stands for equality and uniqueness and the essence of my work. In so many ways we are exactly alike - and yet no one is like the other. This also applies to our life paths and decisions. I am here to find your very unique path together with you.


Hello, good to see you!

Hello, my name is Erika. For more than 10 years I have been accompanying women, people and families on their unique journey before, during and after birth. I knew long before I embarked on this myself with my son 6 years ago that being a part of this meaningful transformation in people's lives is my passion and purpose.


In order to be able to look after them as holistically and comprehensively as possible, you will find advice, birth preparation for women and couples and my offer for the time after the birth here.

I draw my knowledge not only from my training, but also from my own experience and my 10 years of practice in a private hospital in Vienna and a public hospital in Zimbabawe. Thanks to these very different, professional insights and outlooks, as well as my life as a mother, I know the multifaceted nature of the journey of becoming a mother and parent. There is no right or wrong way, only yours!


These unique encounters are also the reason that I can say with conviction for more than 10 years of practice: Midwifery is definitely the most beautiful of all professions.


What am I offering?


  • Pregnancy Counseling

  • Mother-child passport consultations

  • Birth preparation for women* and couples

  • Childbirth care



Erika accompanied me very sensitively during my rather turbulent birth and always ensured a good mood with her sense of humor. Especially through the exciting and above all emotional time immediately after the birth, she accompanied me well with her clear and supportive manner and thus helped me to accept my new normal. The preparatory course that I attended together with my husband also helped us to keep calm with many valuable tips.

Anna F

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